Cancellation Policy

The customer acknowledges that the service fee is predicated on their commitment to pay for the entire Initial Term or Renewal Term, as applicable. In cases where V-SAT terminates the Agreement due to the customer's breach of the Agreement in accordance with AUP/TOS, or if the customer terminates the service because of a V-SAT breach, any unpaid fees for each remaining billing cycle in the Initial Term or the ongoing Renewal Term, as applicable, become due on the business day following the Agreement's termination. Additionally, the customer recognizes the necessity of providing a minimum of 7 days' written notice for cancellation or package downgrade before the subsequent renewal term; failure to do so will render them responsible for the full payment of the following term. The cancellation request will adhere to the following guidelines:

• To request a cancellation, please submit your request to the billing department either by opening a support ticket or using the Billing Portal's cancellation facility.

• Kindly ensure that the cancellation request is submitted using the primary email address associated with your V-SAT account.

• Your cancellation request should include the primary IP address (for VPS/Dedicated Server accounts) or the primary domain (for shared/SSL/reseller accounts) associated with the hosting plan you intend to cancel.