About Us

V-SAT Cloud Network: Bridging Innovation and Experience

V-SAT Cloud Network stands as one of India's most rapidly advancing SSD Cloud providers. Our high-performance cloud platform is easily accessible through a user-friendly self-service portal, where you can effortlessly provision, manage, and monitor Linux, Windows, and GPU Cloud Machines tailored to your needs, whether that's high-performance CPU, substantial memory (RAM), or Smart Dedicated Compute solutions featuring dedicated CPU cores.

Our journey commenced in 2021 as a contractless computing service provider, with a strong focus on the value-conscious segment, particularly startups. Even before the rise of hyperscalers in India, we were the preferred choice for many of today's thriving businesses seeking Cloud Infrastructure solutions. Today, V-SAT Cloud proudly stands as the largest Cloud Streaming Provider, having served over 100 TV channels as customers and boasting hundreds of active clients.

Our self-service public cloud platform expedites the deployment of compute workloads, offering a wide array of Cloud Solutions through an intuitive control panel or API. These encompass CDN, Load Balancers, Firewalls, VPC, DBaaS, Reserved IPv4, Object Storage, DNS/rDNS, Continuous Data Protection, One-Click Installations, and an array of other features. This not only enhances project delivery but also reduces costs by streamlining delivery timelines.

Furthermore, our strategic collaboration with NVIDIA empowers us to play a significant role in facilitating our customers' AI/ML training and inference, data science, NLP, and computer vision workload pipelines. At V-SAT Cloud Network, we are committed to delivering cutting-edge solutions that meet the evolving demands of our diverse clientele.

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